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May 2008

Custom House Design and Plan Revision Services

13th May, 2008 | Filed under Blog, Home Plan Series

Tazewell 30-477                       Tazewell 30-477
Original Plan Modified                        Modified Plan
The Tazewell 30-477                          The Briarwood 30-690

Ever look though our house plans and find a design that is close to what you are looking for? Or find yourself liking design features on several plans, and have been collecting a portfolio of pictures and photos of that "dream home"? If either of those sound familiar than you just may want to consider our revision or custom design services. We have designers on staff that are available to help you through the process, and they've help create the perfect house plan for people through out North America. So gather those sketches, marked up review plan, and photos and give one of our designers a call at 800-634-0123 or email us at [email protected]. We're here to help you achieve the house of your dreams!

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