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May 2009

Meet "Harlie" Associated Designs New Mascot

21st May, 2009 | Filed under Announcements, Blog


I'm Harlie, Associated Designs new office dog. I'm a 7 week old Chocolate Labrador and I'm really sweet.

I'm eyeing my new dream home, the Timerberfield. This house features a built in kennel with an accessible outdoor dog run, perfect! Associated Designs even does plan modifications, they can add the same feature to just about any house plan.

If you're ever in the neighborhood, stop by! I love people!

The office dog is way too

The office dog is way too cute! Now, I'm thinking that I need an office dog, too.

Too cute! That face could

Too cute! That face could sell the world! :) Congratulations on the new addition to your staff. :)

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