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September 2010

Photo of Hexagonal House Plan: Eddinger 30-328

8th Sep, 2010 | Filed under Blog, Constructed Home Plans

Construction is Complete!                    

Hexagonal House Plan, Eddinger 30-328, View Lot Home Plan


Hexagonal House Plan, Eddinger 30-328, View Lot Home PlanHexagonal House Plan, Eddinger 30-328, View Lot Home PlanHexagonal House Plan, Eddinger 30-328, View Lot Home Plan, Kitchen

October 23, 2009

We were pleased to receive this photo of our Craftsman-style Eddinger house plan in the final stages of construction. The client used our modification services and worked with our designers to customize this home for them. "Everyone loves the design, especially the easy access to the wrap-around deck from all of the rooms". Designed to take in the view from just about every room of the home, our hexagonal style house plans are our most popular. Did you know that we have almost 30 hexagonal style plans to choose from? You'll find this design in everything from log cabin form to Southwestern Contemporary, and from 1390 square feet to just under 4000 square feet. All of our plans can be customized with our modification services. For submitting the photograph, they were entered into our January drawing for a $200 rebate on the construction drawing package. If you have any photographs of any of our designs completed or showing the course of construction, send them in!


Click here view photos of the basement version of the Eddinger House Plan

Adisa & Jerry, At the time,

Adisa & Jerry,

At the time, that is all the photos I have on this design. Keep watching the bog as I expecting a disk of photos from a client who constructed the Crestview 10-532. This design has a similiar hexagonal great room and it may help you visualize how this will work for you.

We'd love to help you with your dream home!


Hello, Me and my fiance been

Me and my fiance been looking at these plans for couple of months now, and today we found these pictures, which made us even more excited to build this house. Is there any chance we could get more pictures of the interior? I would love to see how the great room turned out. We are in process of buying land in SC and shortly after that start building our dream home.
Thank u very much in advance.


We're happy to help you with

We're happy to help you with your house plans. Our plans are drawn to International Building codes and we do have a contact that can assist us and this design is available in metric. You will want to check with your Providence to see what is required above the IRC codes.

It is our policy not to release personal information of those who have built the home. We are fortunate that we have been provided photos of this design constructed by two different parties for this plan. We do offer review plans for $25 which the floor plan to 1/8" scale, elevations and cross section. This would give you something to further study. We have designers available to answer any questions you may have regarding the design and modification services. (9 to 5 pacific time)

We look forward to assisting you.

Hi, We really love the


We really love the eddinger design. We recently purchased a piece of waterfront property and feel this design will highlight the beauty of the water. We live in Nova Scotia, Canada. Do your house designs meet building standards in Canada? Is there any other information you can provide us on this house plan? It would be awesome to be able to touch base with a house owner of this design.



[...] Click this to view

[...] Click this to view another submitted photograph of the Eddinger. [...]

Liz, We are happy to hear


We are happy to hear that you are interested in the Eddinger design.

When photographs are submitted to us, it is with the understanding that we will protect their personal privacy. We love it when people take the time to send in their photos and are happy to share their experience with others. All I can suggest is to continue to follow our blog see if we've received any new photography.

Thank you for understanding.

Is there anyway we could

Is there anyway we could visit this custom? Can you email them and ask the question?

Thank you so much!

Liz Doylw

I was amazed at the quality

I was amazed at the quality of Hexagonal House Plan

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