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February 2015

The Power Of Colors: How The Colors Can Control Your Mood And Complement Your Home

17th Feb, 2015 | Filed under Articles, Blog

Humans are very visual as we associate colors with our feelings, behaviors and personalities. So it isn't any wonder that certain colors can create more relaxing moods while other colors instill passion and romance. When you are debating about what colors to use when designing the home decor, keep in mind the type of mood you want to create. Also, colors can have an interesting affect on the home itself. Some colors can make a room feel larger than it actually is or create a sense of coziness to large rooms so the huge space doesn't feel overwhelming. The colors can also improve the function of a room.

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Picking Colors To Set A Mood

Our personalities can be reflected in the colors we choose for our homes. A person with a bright and sunny personality may select a range of yellows and oranges to decorate a home while a person who loves the great outdoors may select more earth tones of greens and browns. So pick out colors when you are trying to create a certain mood in the room or reflect who you are as a person. Here are certain feelings and moods that particular colors can create for people when they walk into a room.

     • Red: passion, excitement, stimulation, strength
     • Blue: peace, calmness, loyalty, tranquility, quietness
     • Brown: warmth, practicality, reliability, comfort
     • Green: hope, nurturing, health, generosity
     • White: purity, peace, innocence, humility
     • Yellow: joy, hope, happiness, optimism
     • Black: elegance, power, wealth, mystery

Picking Colors To Hide Flaws

Colors can also be used to hide certain flaws that you don't want people to see, or enhance particular architectural features that you want to stand out. Often, people will use different colors to change the size of the room. If a person has a small room, they will use lighter colors to make the room feel as if it is more spacious than what it is. The use of darker colors can make a large room feel smaller and more cozy.

Picking Colors To Enhance The Function Of A Room

People like to work in bright kitchens as they can see the meals that they are cooking and eating. So people will choose brighter colors for the room because these colors can reflect more light. Brighter colors also work well in gym rooms, small bathrooms and craft rooms. Dark and cool colors are suitable in rooms such as cozy dens and home theater entertainment rooms where you want a more shaded and warm atmosphere to relax in while watching movies or playing video games.

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