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February 2015

Weekend Getaway Essentials So Your Second Home Feels Like A Home

25th Feb, 2015 | Filed under Articles, Blog

You've packed your toothbrush and your travel wallet. You are ready to get away from the big city and travel to that second home by the mountains, lake or in countryside where you can have a relaxing a peaceful weekend getaway. While you may have packed the essentials for yourself and the family, don't forget that your second dwelling will need to be prepared for your stay, even for those short vacations.

Weekend Essentials

Shower Curtains

It may sound like a weird thing to pack away with the sweaters and beauty care products. Yet if you haven't been to the second home for awhile, and hadn't done any cleaning to the bathroom before leaving, then the existing shower curtains can look and smell a bit musty or moldy. While you can spend your time cleaning off the soap scum during the weekend, it's a whole lot simpler to just bring along a pack of shower curtains. Take a few minutes of your day to hang them up and then head out to have some fun knowing that you can come back to a relaxing bath or shower with clean shower curtains hanging in the bathroom.


Temperatures can change unexpected. Keep warm without pushing up the heating bill by stowing away a few blankets for the bed. Also stow away an extra cuddling blanket for the sofa so you can stay warm on those quiet evenings while watching television or playing card games with the kids. Just hang the extra blanket on the back of the couch so it will be ready whenever you need it.


No matter how many towels we think the second home has, we always end up using more than expected. So pack away extra kitchen towels to clean up any kid's messes and bathroom towels in case you invite extra guests to come along on the trip. With the extra towels, you won't be spending so much time doing laundry when you are only spending two or three days in the vacation home.

Packable Wireless Speakers

You are having a fun evening playing board games and poker with the family. Unfortunately, it would be an even better time if the kids didn't have their earbuds on as you have to shout at them to take their turns at the game. Let everyone share in the music with packable wireless speakers. These speakers can easily be stowed away into a travel bag. They also don't look gaudy with the rest of the furnishings like other types of speakers out on the market as the solid walnut casing and graphite grill has a modern look that will match perfectly into the rest of the decor.

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