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March 2015

Consumers Want More Light In Their Lives with Picture Windows Incorporated Into Their Homes

30th Mar, 2015 | Filed under Articles, Blog

Home Trends Report, Picture Windows, Nottingham 30-965

Picture windows have been growing in appeal for the past decade, as these large glass windows offer consumers four sought-after benefits: beauty, natural light, unimpeded views, and winter heating. The two home plans which accomplish all the aforementioned benefits with unwavering style are the Nottingham 30-965 and the Juniper 30-964, both are popular with light loving enthusiasts.  

Oversized picture windows have been found on every level and room of a home from dining rooms to bathrooms. For years, the mainstay of windows in many residential homes has been the double hung and single hung varieties due to their affordability. Unfortunately, the multiple panes can block the views outside of homes, allow less light to enter and allow for the entry of moisture into the home since they can be opened.

Custom home plan designer Rick McAlexander, president of Associated Designs, Inc., has noticed an uptick of customers looking for house plans that incorporate larger window designs that are the epitome of grandeur -- such as can be found with picture windows. These beautiful fixed windows fit into different home styles whether people are looking for the simple, rustic styles of Ranch houses to the fancier, modernized Cape Cod homes. People are no longer limited to just picking the typical windows every other house has nowadays. The growing design technology for house plans has now allowed consumers to truly customize their homes without restrictions when it comes to window styles.

Unlike the historic homes that focused on smaller apertures with small paned windows, designers are now focused on creating homes that appeal to a person's unique design preferences --- and that means changing up the style of windows so that they offer more functionality and beauty to a home. In addition, picture windows are versatile when paired with other types of windows. By combining casement or double hung windows with picture windows, there can be an increase in the ventilation and the aesthetic appeal of the house.

Consumers are becoming very creative with how they want the exterior of the home to look, as they are seeking designs that incorporate all of their desires. Yet it is also the benefits that are truly drawing consumers to these types of windows. Picture windows allow for more natural light to filter unimpeded into the rooms. It instantly brightens up the interior, making small rooms feel bigger because they offer larger views of the scenery outside, at the same token, picture windows are matching the grand feel of vaulted large rooms without looking out of place.

Also, homes with darker interiors are shied away from for a number of reasons. With the lessening of natural light, people have to look for other means to brighten the space with artificial lighting. They are seeing an increase in their energy consumption, leading to higher electricity bills to light up the home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), over $19 billion was saved in 2008 with people adopting more energy-efficient practices in their homes, including relying on more natural lighting. Another benefit that picture windows give toward energy savings is the heat gain for homes located in the Northern states. Sunlight streaming through a picture window can warm up a room, lowering how often a furnace and other heating methods must be used. This warming method translates to additional reduction to energy use and the lowering of home expenses.

Lastly, people are leaning more toward natural lighting to avoid a host of seasonal disorders, most often called the “winter blues”, as the days grow shorter and people are experiencing less natural light in the home. People may suffer from a host of different problems from mood swings to appetite changes. Living in a home with few lighting options can only increase such seasonal disorders, as people seeking home construction may be able to lessen such affects with getting oversized windows in their homes to allow in as much light as possible.

Associated Designs brings more creative designs to consumers who are interested in bigger and brighter natural light options for windows in their house plans. Combined with the benefits that picture windows lend to a home and the durable construction of these windows that prevents moisture from entering, they are the ideal window solution to home construction projects across the country no matter the style of the house. It is just a matter of informing consumers about the variety of house plans that are available where picture windows would make an ideal addition.

With quality window companies such as Milgard, Andersen, and Pella offering durable and beautiful picture windows, consumers can gain a greater understanding of what is available in home plans that will take advantage of such window options as they can select pre-designed plans or seek out customized house plans.

More homeowners want large spaces with ample natural light. They will look toward available design companies that can offer the right plans that spur their imaginations when it comes to home construction projects. As a trusted home design company that relies upon the opinions of their clients, Associated Designs aims to please their homeowners by offering valuable information and designs bases on consumer needs.  The Nottingham 30-965 and Brookville 30-928 home plans feature big oversized picture windows for the natural light lover.

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