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March 2015

He Likes Modern - She Likes Traditional: Mixing Decor Themes For Harmony In The Home

4th Mar, 2015 | Filed under Articles, Blog

Nobody expects everyone to like the same decor themes. Yet it does make it tough for couples to decide what type of furnishings and decorations to have in their home. You like the traditional decor with classic furniture, rich colors and 18th-century Old World architecture while your spouse lives for the modern designs with clean lines and simple neutral colors. It's okay that your personalities don't match. You can combine both styles in the same decor theme while having a beautiful home.

                     HE LIKES                               SHE LIKES

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Combine Modern Furnishings With Traditional Artwork

You can easily combine modern and traditional styles by pairing artwork with furnishings. Choose classical and Old World paintings with the modern lines of couches and chairs. The bold colors of the paintings will look well with the softer tones of the furniture. You can also switch it around and select traditional furniture with modern artwork.

Mix And Match Furniture

There is no reason why you can't mix and match traditional and modern furniture so long as one style doesn't dominate the other. You can have modern couches with a few traditional accent chairs or a antique English coffee table to bring the furnishings together. Also, many modern pieces of furniture will have modern twists to their designs as you can have both decor styles in the same piece of furniture.

Look At Other Elements Of The Room To Combine Both Designs

You can find numerous ways to combine traditional design styles or modern design styles to the room besides incorporating them into the furniture or artwork. Look at the floor. You can find beautiful modern or traditional area rugs. Place modern furniture on traditional rugs with traditional paintings on the wall to create a unique decor theme. You can also select modern vases, traditional bookcases, wall sconces and knick knacks that capture both you and your spouses design personality.

Don't Forget To Use Paint Colors To Your Advantage

You may win out over your spouse as you are able to have the traditional style furnishings that your crave. Yet that doesn't mean your spouse can't also have his modern look in the room. Look toward painting the walls and trim with muted and neutral modern colors. The wall colors can complement the furniture as you can take the rich colors from the upholstery and use muted versions of the colors for the walls, ceiling and trim in the room. You can also create modern designs along the wall using paint stencils to create interesting striped lines and borders.

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