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March 2015

Indoor/Outdoor Living Spaces Are Truly Sublime!

11th Mar, 2015 | Filed under Articles, Blog

The weather is gorgeous outside. Yet you are stuck inside looking out a small window because you simply don't have the outdoor area where you can sit back and relax. Now is the time to invest in an indoor/outdoor living space when constructing your new home or second vacation home. Indoor/outdoor living spaces are a growing trend for homeowners across the country as they provide the outdoor relaxation and majestic scenic views combined with all the indoor amenities to make the space comfortable.

Types of Indoor/Outdoor Living Spaces

There are a variety of indoor/outdoor living spaces to select from that will fit into the style of your home, your personality and how you want to use the space. You will also have to select the type of space based on the square footage that you have available.

Sunroom, Northbrook 30-898, Indoor/outdoor living

Glass Living Spaces

One of the unique advantages of indoor/outdoor living spaces is that you can already use an indoor living area and create it with a more outdoor feeling. Enclosed porches and sunrooms are getting makeovers to provide a sheltered area that is perfect for outdoor living. Glass walls and windows bring in plenty of sunshine while keeping the weather outside. A great thing about these enclosed spaces is that you can have more comfortable furniture installed along with colorful rugs and throw pillows.

Partially Enclosed Spaces

If you want a more outdoorsy space, then you can eliminate the glass walls to bring in a little more fresh air. Partially-enclosed spaces will normally have roofs for a little bit of protection. The space may be connected to the home or sit separately in large courtyards or backyards. Gazebos and outdoor rooms are filled with colorful furniture, rugs and even beds for the ultimate relaxation as you have a small outdoor oasis.

Outdoor Kitchens Are a Growing Trend

Another amenity to an indoor/outdoor living space is an outdoor kitchen. It is more than just a barbecue pit. These outside kitchens have refrigerators, pizza ovens, sinks, counters, islands and dining spaces to provide seating for the guests. The barbecue pit also gets a makeover as you can cook all types of meals on the larger surface without having to use your indoor kitchen. Eat in style during the warm weather as the whole family can sit outside and enjoy the special time together.

Outdoor patio, barnhart 30-946

Indoor/Outdoor Spaces Are Customizable For Your Needs

The best thing about outdoor spaces are that you can customize them so that they are the relaxing areas that you desire. With fountains, outdoor lights, speakers and other items, you can make the ultimate outdoor oasis that you will use every single day. Let your imagination run loose until you have the space that is perfect for you.


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