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March 2015

Modernize Your Kitchen and Bathroom

26th Mar, 2015 | Filed under Articles, Blog

Kitchen and bathrooms are some of the last places that get a modern update despite how often we use these two rooms in our daily lives. Yet having an updated kitchen and bathroom can vastly improve the functionality of these spaces, increase the home's value if you plan to put the house on the market in the next few years, and create beautiful rooms that match the decor style of the home. So remove the outdated elements of these two rooms and bring them into the current century. It doesn't take much to change the look. Focus on these specific areas in the kitchen and bathroom to make boring rooms look extraordinary.

Modernize Your Kitchen, Brookhill 30-963, Prairie Style House Plan, Home Plan

Upgrade Cabinets and Handles

Cabinets go through tons of abuse from adults, kids and pets. They can become dinged, scratched or loose on their hinges. Modernize your kitchen and bathroom quickly by changing the look of these cabinets. Repaint or stain the front of cabinets in bright or bold colors. You may also want to replace the door fronts or handles with something more stylish. If you simply don't like the look of the bathroom vanity, you can get a new stock one or get a customized cabinet that will be a better fit to your preferences.

Counters and Floors

Counters and floors are some of the few things that rarely get replaced for long periods of time. So their look can quickly fall out of the current home style trends. Some people like to match the look of the counters with the flooring to give a more uniform appearance. Also, incorporating backsplashes can instantly transform the spaces and give a unique design theme.

Modernize the Kitchen and Bathroom, Barnhart 30-946, Lodge Style House Plan

Replace Old Appliances

When old cabinets in the kitchen isn't the problem, it might be time to modernize the appliances. Having modern appliances not only improves the look of your home, they can also work more efficiently and save you money. Stainless steel appliances are still the current design rage as they add a modern and industrial eye-popping beauty to your kitchen.

Modernize Sinks and Faucets

With the variety of sinks and faucets available, you can find one that fits perfectly in your bathroom and kitchen that can modernize the space. From pedestal sinks to faucets with sensors that automatically turn on the water, the marvels of technology can be placed into your home to make the spaces more comfortable to live in.

Modernizing the Kitchen and Bathroom, Owners Suite, Nottingham 30-965

Bring In the Light

Light instantly brightens the room and highlights the aspects of the space that you want to show off. Consider changing the lighting fixtures or adding additional lighting to these two rooms. With a brightened kitchen and bathroom, you can also use the spaces better as they can become enjoyable places in your home.

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