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April 2015

A Simple and Sunny Cape Cod Retreat

6th Apr, 2015 | Filed under Articles, Blog

Cape Cod. The name itself inspires the feeling of sunning quietly on beaches and enjoying the great summer weather. When you want to get away from the crowds and truly enjoy a retreat, this is the place to be no matter where you travel to this year. With simple home designs and quaint town atmospheres, Cape Cod offers the best of everything along its peninsula.

Cape Cod House Plan, Home Plan, Lakeview 10-079
                                       Lakeview 10-079

Yet what about the other times of the year when you can't get out to the peninsula? How can you bring the charm of this location a little closer to home? The Cape Cod house plans can bring this charm of beach life and lakes right to where you live. The house plan was designed so that people could withstand the harsh New England weather yet still offers a great exterior look and interior appeal that will have you feeling like you are in your own private oasis.

Cape Cod retreats will often have clean symmetrical lines and simple construction to appeal to people who want to focus on their creature comforts inside. The house is perfect for people looking to downsize, while it can also accommodate small families looking to enjoy every single moment together. Natural light is a necessity with this home design, as there are many double hung and picture windows along every wall of the home. The simple design lends a feeling of practicality that is associated with American homes, where every aspect has a purpose to bring together a solid construction that is still beautiful.

When walking into the interior of the home, you will be surprised by its spaciousness despite the house plans often looking small on the outside. The home can open up into a foyer or grand living room with vaulted ceilings. The Cape Cod retreat also adopts the present trends of an open floor plan with the living room and kitchen open as there are fewer walls. These features give even a greater feeling of spaciousness while encouraging conversation with the occupants no matter which room they are in. Second floors are common with these house plans where the bathroom, bedroom, loft, and master suite are located. Just like if you are spending the night in a vacation home in Cape Cod, the bedrooms are designed to give the ultimate comfort and space.

When you are out in Cape Cod, you want to enjoy the weather as much as you can. The same can be said with these simple and sunny Cape Cod house plans. Covered porches are a mainstay with these designs, bringing the beautiful scenery and the great outdoors closer to you. The porches may be located on the front or back of the house as the size will be based on the amount of lot space you have available. Yet you will love spending the pleasant summer days out on the porch drinking iced tea and playing games with the kids. On those wet days, the family can remove mucky shoes in the utility room often attached to the kitchen to keep the mess away from the rest of the home.

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