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April 2015

A Thoughtful Remodel Can Make a Big Impression

29th Apr, 2015 | Filed under Articles, Blog

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen, bathroom or other space in a home, you may not know where to start. Should you focus on updating old appliances and fixtures, or tackling the flooring in the rooms? Sometimes, the interior of a room will look mismatched because you only focused on one element and then ran out of money to complete the other aspects, mixing the old and new features in a way that make the remodel look unfinished and messy.

Before tackling any size remodeling project, you need to figure out what exactly you want to do with the remodel based on your preferences and budget, and how you can reach this goal while tying all the design themes together so you are satisfied with the end result. Making a big impression in a room doesn't require you to throw tons of money into the project. It just requires you to stay focused on what look you want to achieve. Here are 4 pieces of advice when you are seeking to remodel your space.

Plan it out with all the people who need to be involved

Often a home remodel goes awry because all the people who needed to be involved with the planning out of the space were not present. Include the designer, contractor and those people who will make the decisions to sit down to go over the plans and to make suggestions. You will gain insights in turning the space into the perfect room when all the ideas are on the table. Just keep in mind that you have the final decision on what to change.

It doesn't take much to change the design aspects of a room

While people think they have to get extravagant to change the appearance of a room, the fact is that it might only take a few new elements that can bring the design together. Changing out the knobs, updating fixtures, increasing the lighting or switching out old appliances are all small tasks that can be taken on that can have a big impression to the room.

Always consider space during the remodel

Remember that if you want to increase the space in one room, you will have to take that space from a different room if you are not adding on an addition. So increasing the amount of kitchen space will mean that you will have to take the space away from the dining room or living room, making those spaces smaller. By enlarging a room, it can open up the area and make a big improvement as you can add more design aspects that you may not have considered.

Understand what the function of the room is before remodeling it

Perhaps the best way to make a big impression with the room is to decide what the room will be used for and then sticking with that design. Many rooms can look mismatched because they are multipurpose spaces such as a home office, gym room, and entertainment room combined into one. If you can pick one type of function for the room and then focus the design on that function, you will have a more clean and uniform look. If the room has to have several functions, then make certain areas focus on that particular function instead of having a messy, mixed-up design.

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