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Home Wellness

27th May, 2015 | Filed under Articles, Blog

Over the period of the last decade or so, we have become increasingly aware of personal health and wellness. That awareness hasn't stopped with just ourselves and our family, but has expanded to our beloved pets and of course our homes. 

Home Wellness

Improving the health of our home can contribute to our own wellness. If home is where the heart is, it’s also where the health and wellness are. Identifying a few of the factors that can add to your home's wellness is a great step in ensuring our own level of wellness within the home.

Clearing the Air

Your home’s air quality affects your wellness directly; that’s the air you breathe every day! There are a number variables that can affect your home's air quality.

First off, change the filters on your heating system often, this will prevent the build up of irritants that recycle through the home. Consider removing shoes upon entering the home not only will it help keep your floors and carpets cleaner, but will prevent the spread of germs, chemicals, etc., that may be on the soles of shoes. Also the addition of floor mats on both the interior and outside your door will also cut down on what gets tracked in.

Using a vacuum with a HEPA filter will reduce pollen indoors, and will also cut down on dust mites that are often a common allergen. Using a microfiber dust cloth will partner well with the vacuum to collect those unwanted irritants. 

A way to reduce mold and mildew in the home is by using the bathroom ceiling fan for at least 20 minutes after every shower to reduce the moisture in the air. Keeping the homes humidity level below 50% will help prevent mold, mildew and musty odors.

Mental Wellness

Coming home from a long day of errands with your hands full of groceries, the mail, and whatever it's easy to just leave things to deal with later while placing your cell phone on the counter to charge, and throwing your jacket over the back of the chair. Sitting down, you look around and realize that it's truly hard to relax with everything staring back at you that needs attended too. Eliminating clutter that most of us are guilty of collecting would go a long way help mental wellbeing. Consider installing a hidden electronic charging station, or a hall tree or nice decorative wall hook system to hang jackets are just a couple of simple steps to take to reduce the visual clutter that will enable you to see those items you appreciate and make you feel better such as the art on the walls.

Food & Water

Add a filter to your tap and if you have a water dispensing refrigerator, changing the filter often will aid in removing chlorine and sediments from the water you use to drink and to cook. Also, eliminating the plastic containers that contain BPA (Bisphenol A) which can leach into your food and drink and has been linked to increase cancer risk.

The suggestions above is just the tip of the ice berg. Many resources are available to help increase the wellness of our homes. There are a number of products and companies that focus on measuring and aiding the environmental factors within our walls. A simple Google search around ‘home automation wellness systems’ will return no shortage of systems and solutions available to consumers.



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