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Homeowners Incorporating Freestanding Tubs Into Master Bathroom Designs For A More Spa-Like Atmosphere

27th May, 2015 | Filed under Articles, Blog

The current decade has seen the growing trend of homeowners creating elaborate master bathroom oases in their custom homes. They are incorporating high end materials such granite counter tops, rain showers, towel warmers and double sinks. Residential design services company Associated Designs, who provides house plan designs to people across the country, has seen an increase to the amount of amenities people are willing to place into their master bathrooms. One such amenity that is on the rise as a must-have item for this room is the freestanding tub.

Freestanding Tubs, Master Suite, Brookhill 30-963

Freestanding tubs were a popular furnishing in the 19th century, as these tubs were considered a luxury that was durable yet high maintenance. During that time, cast iron tubs covered with porcelain and supported by claw feet were the norm as these heavy soaking tubs could be used as a standalone feature or also be equipped with shower fixtures. As the decades passed, people looked for bathtubs that were easier to maintain and cheaper for their budgets. Built-in, or drop-in, tubs became popular as they were space savers that could fit into smaller homes and apartment buildings. Built-in tubs had surrounds on the outside surface and sides that could be covered with tiles, granite, stone or laminates. These tubs could come in many different designs that complemented the decor element of the room, were not as heavy as freestanding tubs, required less maintenance, could be paired with shower fixtures and came in a wide range of prices that could fit into different budgets.

Yet for newer homes where people are looking for a place just to sit and soak in elegance and quiet, nothing beats the old soaking tubs. Freestanding tubs are making a comeback due to newer technologies and designs that make it more appealing than the regular built-in tubs. They now come in more modern designs with wide bases and shapes. What continues to make these tubs ideal is that they can sit anywhere in the bathroom and not be confined against the wall like a built-in version. For homes that have unique architectural aspects, freestanding tubs offer more options on where they can be placed, as they allow the homeowner to optimize their wall space with storage solutions as well as a separate shower unit, if desired.

Associated Designs has been working with homeowners seeking to have the finer luxuries in every part of their home, including the master bathroom. With their expert design staff, they can modify plans so that the master bathroom can become the spa that so many people desire after a hard day's work or hectic lifestyle. One of the many changes is to modify the room to offer the best amount of space that can incorporate freestanding tubs while still allowing a good flow to the room.

Freestanding tubs come in many different materials and finishes now, although people still love the nostalgic look of the old cast-iron tubs with the claw feet. There is now wood, enamel and copper for people who want something with a more contemporary feel to it. Each type of material and finish will have its own price tag, benefits and disadvantages as homeowners are encouraged to price shop for the best deals. While cast iron has been the go-to type of freestanding tub for heat retention, it can be heavy for the floor that it will be placed on while fiberglass is a cheaper alternative and comes in many styles but can easily scratch and crack.

With today’s technology, homeowners don't have to be stuck with the same style of tub if their decor preferences change. In the past many people strayed away from freestanding tubs and instead purchased built-ins because it was easier to change the surround of the built-in when switching to a different design style. A common misconception was to change the look of a freestanding tub you would have to buy a completely new tub. Yet current technologies have advanced so all a homeowner needs to do is hire a professional to refinish their tub with a coating of acrylic urethane resin.

Getting a freestanding tub isn't reserved for the rich and famous anymore. When it comes to designing a new home or renovating an existing one, freestanding tubs have become the right choice for a master bathroom where a homeowner desires to have a spa-like oasis where they can relax and unwind. These soaking tubs bring a host of benefits that can't be ignored. With the expert staff from Associated Designs, people can picture how the room will look from the blueprint stage, through modifying the plans to the construction of their home so that it fully uses the space that is available. The freestanding tub fits perfectly in the room design to make the homeowner excited to have a bit of peace and tranquility when relaxing in the warm waters.

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