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People Seeking More Customized Storage Solutions for Bedrooms to Cut Down on the Clutter and Create Tidy Spaces

1st May, 2015 | Filed under Articles, Blog

Focusing on the growing needs of homeowners to have spacious houses with plenty of room for their possessions, residential design services company Associated Designs, Inc. is giving homeowners the ideal bedroom and master bedroom storage solutions to eliminate the clutter. Their customizable floor plans give more permanent solutions for an organized bedroom versus the temporary advice offered by mainstream media that tells people to start cutting back on what they own.

Clutter Free Bedrooms, Home Trends Report

There has been a growing trend in the local and national media to give homeowners storage advice that basically tells them to donate or toss away their things to have a more organized space. While it sounds like commonsense in many instances, we need to avoid coming across as chastising people for buying the items that they want and oftentimes need to create a relaxing lifestyle for themselves. We assume that homeowners have too many possessions and this situation is leading to cluttered bedrooms. The problem may actually be the bedroom itself.

Bedroom sizes can be deceptive for people who are purchasing existing homes. When they are looking at a completely empty room, they think it is spacious enough for their needs as they try to imagine all their items fitting in the space. Yet when they get their main furnishings of a bed, dresser and standing closet in the room, the person sees just how much room is taken up with these large pieces of furniture. Even with just having a few clothes on the floor and knickknacks on the dresser the room looks and feels cluttered.

Yet people who are getting homes built from the ground up are experiencing these same issues. While they have more flexibility with creating large storage options such as built-in cabinets, walk-in closets and shelves, they are still underestimating the amount of room that they need. These people are also purchasing floor plans without knowing that the plans can be modified to offer ways to keep a bedroom more organized.

Associated Designs offers pre-designed and customized home designs for people building their first or second homes. For people who are struggling with bedroom storage woes, these plans are offering them the right amount of spacing for their present and future needs in case their family grows. People can specify the square footage and number of bedrooms then speak with the design staff to get modifications and advice so they have the bedrooms that offer plenty of storage solutions.

The question about how to incorporate more storage to clear out the bedroom clutter should start at the beginning of the design phase, not at the end. Before one board is nailed in place, a person should ask themselves if the house has enough space for the number of people who will be living in the home now and in the future. Then they should decide the types of storage that would work for them.

The design staff at Associated Designs also considers other factors when modifying house plans with organizational solutions. They realize there are more factors involved with just building a walk-in closet or other built-in solutions into the bedroom. They also have to consider the structural stability and mechanical systems that must be run through the home. Most homeowners think that they can just knock down any wall. The person forgets that water pipes, electrical lines and duct work will run through certain walls. Yet with having floor plans customized during the sketching phase, these issues can be addressed early and organizational solutions can be incorporated so the home is functional and beautiful for its occupants.

When it comes to clearing out the clutter, people have to think beyond the temporary solutions. Yes, they can get rid of the things they don't need, donate unused furniture, and place extra clothing into storage containers. Yet placing things into storage containers stowed away into the corners of the room only leads to using up more space as the containers can detract from the décor and theme in the bedroom. Sitting down and truly thinking about how to create a storage solution that works with the bedroom is ideal whether you are getting a custom home built or redesigning an existing home.

Associated Designs believes that by allowing for customizable solutions for bedrooms, people will find an option that works best for their lifestyle to keep a handle on their bedroom clutter. People can have the beautiful master bedroom, children's bedroom or guest room in the decor style they desire without compromising space or functionality. In addition, people can save more money in the end as they won't have to look for additional organization and storage solutions that can put a dent in their wallets. With the storage options already incorporated into the room, people will be able to focus on their lives and not on the clutter.

This advice also applies to people who live in existing homes. Instead of running to the store and buying as many storage containers as the person can find, they should sit down and consider what they can do to change the bedroom design to optimize the room for their needs. They may have to consider a few changes to the existing closets to make them more functional, or renovating their storage solutions. Whatever the person decides, they should look toward creating permanent solutions and avoid the temporary ones that end up complicating their lives further. Skip out on the containers that end up being accessed day to day and instead consider reorganizing the room to be functional with storage solutions that allow for growth throughout the life of the home.

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The article intent was more

The article intent was more about people's desire for less clutter and more tidy rooms and how we can help with that process.

An organized room starts with good design. We have the expertise to help you create spaces that are filled with solutions for your storage and organizational needs throughout the design process of your home. Once your home is constructed the internet is teaming with websites like Houzz and Pinterest that will help you finish off your home’s organization with tips and ideas that are both functional and stylish.

Reading your article left me

Reading your article left me with all the same questions I started with, on your "organize skills."
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