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Top 8 Tips for Decorating on a Budget

6th May, 2015 | Filed under Articles, Blog

Getting a fresh look to your home doesn't have to put a stress to your finances. Here are the 8 tips for you to decorate on a budget so that you can get the room looking absolutely perfect as it captures your unique design tastes.

Decorating on a Budget, Interior Design, Home Decor

1: Reuse and Repurpose Old Items

Often you think that decorating requires adding new furniture and items to the room. Yet you can get an entirely new look reusing the old items you have and just changing the way that they look or giving them a new function in the room. You can turn an old bedroom vanity into a home office desk by removing the mirror and refinishing or painting the surface. Sofas can quickly get a makeover with colorful slipcovers that can tie the different colors and themes in the room together.

2: Paint with Flair

Painting is perhaps one of the easiest do-it-yourself projects that you can tackle on your own and can instantly change the style of a room. You don't have to stick with a solid color over the wall, Use painter's tape to create unique patterns and designs that add depth to the wall. Also, you can easily fix mistakes along the drywall by using painting techniques so people cannot see uneven drywall or drywall screws that weren't covered and sanded properly.

3: Shop Smartly

Decorating on a budget usually means that you can't go to the more expensive interior design stores in your area. Yet that doesn't mean you can have the items that will work perfectly in the room. Instead, focus on shopping at secondhand and consignment shops that have great deals on used items. You can also wait for deals and discounts at the expensive shops. Another way to get items at a steal is to ask to purchase floor models, or look for items being sold as-is because they might have slight damage that won't affect their functionality.

4: Don't Let Flaws Affect Your Design Purchases

Again, never let minor flaws affect the way you view the items you want to purchase. Often, you can take it home and fix the item yourself with a little time and effort. Don't pass by the chance of using the Internet to help you fix minor flaws on the cheap so you have a great item that enhances the feel of your room.

5: Add Architectural Elements

If you are looking to change the physical look of the walls of the room, you can add a bit of dimension to the space. Wainscoting and molding add depth that can instantly change the look without having to tear down walls or affect the wall supports of your home. You can normally tackle this project on your own in about 3 days from start to finish depending on the amount of molding you are adding to the walls.

6: Accessories Can Make a Difference

It is incredible how accessories can often be overlooked in designing a room. You can go as simple as placing a vase filled with colorful fruit or bright ball ornaments to a table to finding vintage small statues at a yard sale that can be used as bookends. Even plants can give you design ideas and color to perk up the mood of a space.

7: Let Fabrics Guide Your Decor

Fabrics can be placed in so many areas of the room and instantly add pizzazz. Cover chairs and sofas with fabric. Create your own curtain panels and pillow cases. You can also hang fabric along the ceiling.

8: Change Up the Flooring

Flooring can get dirty, scratched and stained as it can seriously impact the appearance of the room. You can change the flooring by sanding, painting, staining or adding carpet and tile. You will have to base the changes on your budget, yet you can get great flooring products without breaking the budget.

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