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Clever Loft Spaces To Enjoy Every Inch Of Your Home

17th Jun, 2015 | Filed under Articles, Blog

Some people call it an attic. Other people call it a storage place at the top of the house. Some people call a private oasis. Loft spaces are getting makeovers to turn them into functional rooms with a number of different purposes. What you turn your loft space into is up to you and your "lofty" imagination. Here are several ideas on what you can do to fully enjoy the space. 

Luxury Bedroom

Bedrooms in lofts have always been popular whether it is for yourself, the kids, or as a guest room. Many loft bedrooms can have plenty of windows for natural light combined with ceiling lights and lamps. Skylights can increase the amount of natural light and add elegance and luxury to the space. 

The angled roof lines and varied wall heights can give the loft space a fun and whimsical feeling as well as the opportunity to do something different with furniture and decorating. 

Desired Office Space

Turning that unused loft space into a home office can be nice quiet retreat to get some work done. The fun shape of this space can be made into a fun, hip, and relaxing space to get the creativity and ideas flowing. 

Ultimate Entertainment Spot

Set up the television, foosball table, video games, and maybe even a popcorn machine to create the ideal "all in one space" entertainment hot spot in your home. This area would be great to gather for the family to play games or watch a movie, or the fun spot to be for your kids sleep overs. 

Soothing Solitary Oasis

Sometimes you want to be by yourself when the stress of work or school sets in. Lofts are that one location in the home where they are separated from other rooms, creating a nice remote and solitary spot for you to unwind. Turn the space into a library, music room, or just a sitting room as you curl up in a big chair by the window.

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