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Garden Space Ideas for your Home

25th Jun, 2015 | Filed under Articles, Blog

Nobody wants to have a garden that is out of sight, out of mind. When this happens, it either falls into neglect or you become so isolated in the yard that you can't keep up with what is happening inside the home when the phone rings, the doorbell dings or the dog tears up the cushions on the couch. Having a home with great garden access allows you to easily enjoy the sight and functionality of the outdoor space even on those rainy days when you are kept indoors. 

Garden Space Ideas

Bring In The View

There's nothing quite as luxurious as glass French doors or sliding panes that allow a person to step right into their garden. Doors leading off of the kitchen space or dining room allows for instant access to take a morning walk among the dew-kissed flowers or run out to grab some fresh vegetables for salad at dinner. Small stoops that lead to a winding garden path entice people to see what nature has to offer, as the path could lead to a nice sheltered place such as a small gazebo or sitting bench.

Second Floor Access Into A Natural Paradise

Remember that access to the garden doesn't have to be from the first floor of the home. A bedroom or entertainment room up on the second floor can lead to a balcony and a spiraling staircase toward your garden paradise. Incorporate landings where you can step outside and look at your lush garden from up high as you lean on the railing to enjoy the sunrise or sunset.

Make Each Access Point Into A Grand Entrance

Some homes have small private courtyards with the house wrapping around the outdoor living space. When you have several entrance ways that lead into the garden, you can make each entrance unique. Incorporate different garden elements to each access point. Decide which areas are for relaxation and other areas for where people can take long walks along the garden paths. By making each entrance fun and entertaining, it will encourage you to spend more time in the outdoor space no matter what room you are in.

Bring In The Shade

It's always nice to incorporate some places into your garden to beat the heat.  Covered porches, decks and patios with pergolas can offer the right amount of shade to cool things off without enclosing the garden. Even having a trellis wall off to one side to provide shade gives a unique architectural design to your garden and your home.

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