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Homeowners are finding simple solutions to change backyards into perfect spaces for outdoor living

31st Jul, 2015 | Filed under Articles, Blog

With the warm summer weather present, people are looking to put their outdoor spaces to good use and people are looking to create ideal outdoor areas in their new homes. Lot size is no barrier to creating a backyard paradise when careful consideration is given to how the home is laid out and orientated on the building site. Combine clever design with creative homeowners and any home can utilize any outdoors space to its fullest.

Outdoor Spaces, Coeur D'Alene 30-634

Gone are the days of the remote and seldom used outdoor living areas. Homeowners these days are looking to stretch their living outside as one seamless extension of the home. These artful transitions from inside to outside allows for bringing the indoors out when the summer sun comes out to play.

The first step to creating an outdoor paradise is determining where this space will go. There is the traditional approach that has the outdoor living area connected to the home and accessed with sliding glass or French doors. A more contemporary option is to place the outdoor space out in the yard, disconnected from the home. And then there is always choosing the best of both worlds and combining a little of each. Both of these options provide their own sets of benefits. By integrating the outdoor living with the home it can easily become an extension of the homeowner’s day to day living. Or by separating the outdoor area from the house the outdoor living is now dual purposed and can serve as a tranquil getaway or perfect party spot for friends and family.

The next thing that homeowners have to consider is the function of the outdoor living space. Will it be used strictly as another room of the home? Will it be an entertainment area for hosting parties and get-togethers with family? Perhaps it will be a play area for the kids to go outside and get their bodies moving during summer vacation? Deciding the functionality of the space allows the homeowner to hone in on the elements and amenities they want to incorporate, whether it is lounging couches for the living area, outdoor kitchens for dinner parties, or play sets for kids.

If choosing just one outdoor living space function or amenity seems limiting, Associated Design offers the gorgeous Coeur D'Alene 30-634 home plan. This exceptionally large, richly windowed, Chalet-style home plan not only features a vast and spacious interior but exemplifies outdoor living as an extension of the home and will not limit homeowner’s options. Outside of the bright and open vaulted living room, double doors on both sides flow into the large curved patio that spans the entirety of the back of the home. This beautiful space offers endless opportunity to create a functional, cozy and multi-faceted outdoor space that can be accessed and enjoyed at various points of the home. Because of the way the Coeur D’Alene patio wraps and expands across the back of the home, the space can be utilized for various purposes and is not limited to one outdoor amenity. For example, situate an outdoor dining area just steps outside the double doors off of the living room to enjoy summer barbeques on warm summer evenings. On the other side of the patio, install a play set as a way for the kids to get outside but not occupy the entirety of the patio space. Outside the owner’s suite, create a tranquil space perhaps a Jacuzzi might be the perfect touch for a relaxing couples evening. With this beautiful and opportunistic home design, your outdoor living options are anything but limited.

Outdoor living areas bring families together, welcomes friends, and becomes the perfect retreat for people after a hard day's work. Additionally, they provide opportunities for homeowners to enjoy the beautiful outdoors while staying within the comforts of their home. In order to create the most personally designed home plan based on the amount of space available, Associated Designs’ staff team is here to work hard to turn imagination into reality.

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