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September 2015

What Appeals to Millennials in Home Design

1st Sep, 2015 | Filed under Articles, Blog

Baby boomers and generation Xers have had their time to dominate the world of home ownership and home design and now it is the millennials who are having a say in the way of home evolution. They have their own needs, desires and concerns that are getting to the core of what it means to be a homeowner in the 21st century. Associated Designs, a residential home design company, offers innovative home planning and design options that cater to the changing times and facets of home ownership.

Millennials and Home Design

The first thing to consider when designing or planning a home for a millennial is the integration of technology. This up and coming home buying market are the primary consumers of technology and they are looking for their homes to keep up with the times. “Smart” homes that integrate tablets, phones, audio systems, LED lighting and security features are at the forefront of this generation’s home preferences.

Next up from technology, is home efficiency. Efficiency in all types from the homes energy and water consumption to its size and layout, millennials are looking to maximize their time and their money. With carefully considered layouts, each room in the house can be multifunctional freeing the home owners’ from traditional form and function. And with careful site review, future homeowners can make sure that their new home doesn’t require more time maintaining it then they want.

Lastly millennials want flexibility in their homes. Continuing in the trend of the generation before them, millennials are looking to open great room style living to fill the center of their home. Great rooms provide multifunctional and highly sociable space that is not limited in its use. Combining work and social spaces to make them more inclusive and communal is a modern and therefore popular solution for millennial households who desire a more cohesive living space.

The millennial generation is unique and seeking homes that will cater to their highly social and active lifestyles. For these homeowners, practicality takes priority over lavish excess and versatile space is more attractive than spaces with rigid, assigned functions. The millennials are a creative and innovative generation seeking home designers who are able to work with their needs and wants in order to create homes that will reflect the values and ambitions of this up and coming generation.

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