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October 2015

The Benefits of Living in a Hexagonal House

7th Oct, 2015 | Filed under Articles, Blog

If you are looking for something unique rather than the traditional floor plan layout for our next home consider a hexagonal house design. This unique design shape has plenty to offer and the exterior styles available in this collection range from Mediterranean all the way to lake side cabin.

Hexagonal House Plan, Home Plan, Eddinger 10-428, View Lot House Plan
Eddinger 10-428


Appreciate the Views

One of the biggest elements to love about a hexagonal style home design is the ability to appreciate the view from almost every room in the home. The great room, bedrooms and office space are well windowed and face the view, while those less frequently used spaces such as the hall way, utiltiy room, and storage closets aren't taking up precious real estate within the home.

Uniqueness in Design

The impressive yet traditional curb appeal creates a wonderful surprise awaits upon entering a hexagonal home. Walking through the entry it's easy to see how the outdoors becomes part of the interior living through brightly windowed walls on 3 sides of the room, and high ceilings of the great room.

Wrap-around Porch/Deck

Extended outdoor living is often found with large wrap around covered decks that are accessed from the masters suite, the great room, and dining areas of the home. The deck area becomes extended living space for entertaining, or to just relax outside with a good book.


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