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January 2016

The Garage - Not Just a Place for Cars

1st Jan, 2016 | Filed under Articles, Blog

With all of the focus and effort that goes into creating your dream home, the same thought can be used when considering building a detached garage on your property. Much can be done to utilize and mold this square footage into a space of functional luxury, uniquely fitting the flow of your lifestyle.

Garages - Not Just for Parking Cars
Garage 20-143: features a workbench, storage room,
powder bath, greenhouse and second floor attic space.

In addition to providing you with storage for the car or recreational vehicles, detached garages can provide you with additional spaces for hobbies beyond mechanics. The possibilities are endless; guest suites, craft studios, green houses or the ever popular man (or woman) cave! Associated Designs, Inc., a residential design company in Eugene, Oregon, has seen an increase in demand for detached garages and buildings that can serve a multitude of functions.

Place for Your Favorite Hobbies

One such example of a garage with flexible spaces for hobbies is Associated Designs Garage 20-143. What appears as a standard 2-car garage with workbench has extra rooms at the rear of the garage. Through a simple man door centered on the back wall, a hall leads past a powder bath and storage room that could be used as additional storage or as a craft/hobby studio. The surprises don’t end there. At the very back is a generously sized greenhouse for those with green thumbs to nurture starts for next year’s flower or veggie garden. Up a set of stairs on the right, leads to a second floor attic space which could be converted into a guest suite, recreation room, home gym or whatever else would suit your lifestyle!

A Man Cave that Works for You

The man cave dream is a classic one, so why not make it a reality in your very own detached garage? Create an elaborate place for leisure with a corner bar, pool table, flat screen TV and lazy boy sofa on one side; with a diamond-decked floor for your cars complete with a workshop that is any car enthusiasts’ dream, on the other. From specialty flooring, workbenches, lifts, and custom shelving, this space can feel like a high-end mechanic shop or showroom. You might want to think about the added convenience of a bathroom, not to mention optimal storage in an attic space!

A Space to Evolve with Your Family’s Needs

A popular trend with detached garages is the inclusion of additional gathering space. Recreation rooms or lofts can provide a fun place when the extended family get together to shoot some pool or play ping pong especially when the weather prohibits outside play.

For those building a home business, an office space in your garage is a great way to enjoy the benefits of working from home while providing some separation from work when you are off the clock. Plus for the occasions you entertain clients, you won’t have to worry about bringing them through your home.

Whether you are an avid outdoor adventurer or a person who looking for a warm place to enjoy hobbies, planning additional spaces into your new detached garage can transform the way you use a garage forever. Keep your goals in mind and start dreaming! 

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