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April 2016

Reimagining a Classic: The Revival of the American Farmhouse

1st Apr, 2016 | Filed under Articles, Blog

The classic American farmhouse conjures images of a simpler time, open spaces and a place to call your own. The timeless elements of the farmhouse – the steep roofs, lap siding and clean lines – can fit into any subdivision, in-fill lot or rural property.

Classic American Farmhouse, New Country Style, Fairheart 10-600

A recent study conducted by The American Institute of Architects found that 45 percent of homeowners preferred contemporary homes in 2015 (a seven-point increase from the year before). So where does that leave the farmhouse, a fixture of classic Americana?

Rick McAlexander, President and CEO of Associated Designs, Inc. – a residential home design company located in Eugene, OR – has found that many of his clients are looking to blend classic exteriors with modern influences. In fact the desire of homeowners to update classic architectural styles has been trending over the last few years. Each year Associated Designs releases a national survey looking for feedback from homeowners and buyers as well as builders on which features they want in their homes. From this survey, Associated Designs has found preferences to be a combination of classic styles (like ranch or prairie) paired with contemporary or modern. Back in 2014, Associated Designs took the resulting feedback from their national survey and created the Fairheart design 10-600, a new interpretation of the American Farmhouse.

From the outside, the Fairheart has all the essentials of a farmhouse. The core of the home keeps the classic rectangular layout with a steep 10/12 roof pitch which is used to create a small second story and allow for vaulted spaces in the main living area. The standard horizontal lap siding was replaced with batt and board, giving the home a modern twist with subtle and simple vertical lines. With clean lines and uncluttered exterior, the Fairheart clearly shows its roots yet possesses the ability to blend into any neighborhood.

While the exterior may harken to the past, the interior is completely modern. Large, vaulted living spaces are grouped at the core of the home. This open arrangement of living spaces is trending amongst homebuyer preferences for over 5 years. From there, all of the sleeping areas are separated for maximum privacy. The owners’ suite is tucked into the back of the home with its own access to the back patio. A second bedroom is located on the main floor off the dining room. If this bedroom is not being used, a sliding barn door can be used to close off this section of the home when entertaining guests. The third bedroom is located upstairs off the loft that overlooks the great room below.

By highlighting the best qualities of the American farmhouse – strong yet unadorned lines, simple exterior and a comfortable interior – Associated Designs has reimaged an American classic.

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