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4 Millennial Friendly House Plans for Younger Homebuyers

6th Jun, 2017 | Filed under Articles, Blog

Gone are the flashy, formal living rooms and expansive garages that are so beloved in traditional houses. The home desires of Generation Y – better known as Millennials – tend to gravitate toward smaller spaces, versatility and minimalist floor plans. But that’s not to say that younger homebuyers don’t see the benefits of space or the need for certain amenities. They just like to have options.

“To the Millennial, a traditional home with big spaces and grand bedrooms can be repurposed, or up-purposed,” said Rick McAlexander, CEO of Associated Designs. “A garage becomes a workshop. A bonus room is a bedroom. They like to have a home that bends and adapts to their lifestyle.”

In a sense, younger homebuyers’ wishes are a departure from their predecessors. The great room’s ability to be great is not from its size but its ability to adapt with them. To that end, we share four ideal home designs that capture the trends of the next generation of homebuyers.

The Hobbyist’s Dream Home - Azalea 31-028

Millennials are great hobbyists, whether it’s skiing, kayaking, and mountain biking or more creative pursuits such as arts and crafts. In many cases, this means they work from home, or at least partly from home. They’d rather up-purpose a garage into a storage unit for all their hobbies.

In the Azalea home design, traditional amenities and features are given new meaning. Full of Craftsman charm, this home is spacious without being overwhelming at just under 1,800 square feet. The one-story layout includes a garage that can be repurposed as a storage space for outdoor gear such as kayaks, bikes and all-terrain skis. For the creative crafters, the garage can easily become a nifty craft room.

The other key point to the Azalea that will appeal to Millennial homebuyers is the vaulted den, which can also be used as a study or home office. And while the sleeping areas are all on one side of the house, each room has it’s own private entrance so guests and roommates can live comfortably.

“The Azalea is a traditional Craftsman home with an open-style living area,” said McAlexander. “But it’s on a smaller scale for more casual living.”

Minimalist Living with Plenty of Space - Lyndon 30-769

The Lyndon is for the minimalist Millennial – the homebuyer who wants to get more out of less. While not as extreme as the Tiny House movement, this home at only 1,100 square feet packs in two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, plenty of storage, and a bright and spacious gathering space. Two sets of double doors open to a large covered porch that extends the gathering space of the Lyndon in good weather.

Meanwhile, the second bedroom doubles as a studio or office area for the busy telecommuter. The utility and mudroom is ideal for pet owners who would rather not drag dirt all around this quaint but versatile home.

“But there’s a hidden gem with this home design,” said McAlexander. “The second floor boasts a spacious, versatile bonus room that can be utilized for anything – guest room, craft room, storage, office. Anything that a young homebuyer can think of really.”

Where Flexibility is King - Tidewater 30-997

Though small in size at just 1,881 square feet, this one-story, shingle-style home feels comfortably spacious. The home boasts a screened porch that extends the great room’s casual living space on beautiful, spring days. Just imagine relaxing with friends while casually enjoying the night air without the bother of passing bugs. And let’s not forget the Tidewater’s two-sided fireplace and spacious open kitchen with a large work island and flush eating bar.

But the real joy of the Tidewater is its flexibility.

“The additional bedrooms don’t have to be bedrooms,” said McAlexander. “They are large enough to fulfill any need a young homeowner has in mind.”

Guest suite, office, craft room, exercise space, or maybe a library for the book lover, the bedrooms of this one-story home design bend and adapt to the desires of the owner.

An Urbanites’ Dream - Larkspur 30-880

For very narrow lots or confined city spaces, the Larkspur is a dream home. With upscale features that are perfect for city living, the two-story contemporary home may look small from the outside, but the inside is a whole different story.

“It feels spacious inside,” said McAlexander. “You walk into the foyer and are greeted by a casual, open living space that connects the living area, dining room and kitchen. And the home just continues from there with more rooms and a back garage. It’s a surprisingly roomy home design and very versatile – a perfect mix for young homebuyers.”

A tankless water heater in the garage is a great space saver, allowing more room for cars, bikes, a workshop or storage. The loft and bonus room upstairs add more space to this compact 1,600 square foot design, while also adding flexibility and versatility that keeps the home adapting with the owners’ lifestyle. One of the upstairs bedrooms, for example, could easily be turned into a home office with its own private bathroom. The owners’ suite is on the ground floor, far removed from the upstairs bedrooms for that added bit of privacy.

Millennials know what they like, and what they like is a change of pace from the usual home design. A touch of flexibility, a smaller footprint, and a simple layout are not confining but freeing. Nothing is impossible or improbable for a versatile home design fit for younger homebuyers. 

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