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December 2018

A Room by Any Other Name: The Flex Room – The Space which Changes with You

4th Dec, 2018 | Filed under Articles, Blog

The need for your home to grow with you has been a long standing concern with homeowners. Moving is time consuming and expensive so without spending too much on a larger home finding ways to adapt the current space is critical.

Originally the solution for this problem was the bonus room. Smartly maximizing the additional space created by the truss system over the garage, the bonus room provided family’s with the opportunity to spread out as budget and lifestyle allowed.The pitfall with the bonus room is the need for stairs in homes that are otherwise on a single level and being tucked away over the garage can leave the room feeling detached from the rest of the house. For homeowners’ looking for a solution to their growing needs that isn’t as separated as the bonus room adding a flex room is a great alternative. Integrated into the main living area of the home, the flex room is standardly not far from either other bedrooms or the entry of the home.

“While some designs may specifically call out an additional room as “flex” this space really goes by many names”, say Rick McAlexander CEO of Associated Designs in Eugene, Oregon. “For those looking for floor plans that will give them an opportunity to grow try and look pass room call outs. Dens, Offices, Libraries, Studies are all synonyms for Flex Room.”

Holyoke 31-093, Ranch House Plan, Flex Room

Take the Holyoke design 31-093. At first glance this home fits the bill for your classic 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom single family home. At a second glace it shows its potential for growth. Off the foyer, through a set of double French doors is a den with a closet. The possibilities for this space far exceed the label. It could be a play room for young children, a study for teenagers or an office for a parent. Maybe it is a craft room, a guest room, or the home’s media center set up to entertain friends and family alike during football season.

Whatever the future may hold, it is always great to be able to roll with the changes. Adding a little flex space to you home will allow you to stay comfortable and content for years to come.

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