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12th May, 2015
Blog, House Plan of the Week

Featured House Plan of the Week, Mediterranean House Plan, Lucardo 30-181

A dramatic keystone arch that crowns the Lucardo's portico is a perfect prelude to this Mediterranean design's breathtaking two-story entry. Elegance on this scale is totally appropriate to this elegant luxury estate-sized home, offering more than 4,500 square feet of living space in addition to a roomy four-car garage, and a large unfinished bonus room.

Families that entertain will appreciate the four large gathering spaces on the main floor, as well as the guest suite and game room upstairs. The interior balcony offers views of both the foyer and an equally bright and lofty living room. Sliders at the rear of the living room open onto a spacious patio.

A wide window bay expands the dining room, and a similar bay brightens the study which is linked to the owners' suite as well as the foyer.

Two work islands, one with a raised eating bar, add to the counter and cupboard space in the luxurious, fully equipped kitchen. Both islands have sinks. This kitchen is very comfortable for two or more cooks without getting in each other's way.

Bay windows expand the bright nook, and glass lines two walls in the family room. Both spaces are exceptionally bright. A utilitie room and a small bathroom are close, in a pass-through space with exterior access.

Luxury features in the owners' suite include: dual lavs, a two-sided fireplace that can be enjoyed from the sleeping area and the bathtub, and his-n-hers walk-in closets.

The guest suite has an exterior balcony. One of the other second level bedrooms has a window bay, and both have walk-in closets.

8th May, 2015
Blog, New Home Plans

New House Plan, Traditional Home Plan, Sterling 30-990

It’s hard to find a spacious-feeling four-bedroom home that’s compact, but our new design the Sterling is that nice rarity. Traditional in appearance, this ranch-style house plan is one level. Making it ideal for a family with children, and also easily adaptable for aging in place. You enter the home's foyer via a recessed covered porch. Double doors to the left open into a room that could be a bedroom, den, home office, hobby room, or whatever your need. The hallway on the other side of the foyer leads to two additional bedrooms, a two-section bathroom, and a pass-through utility room that links with the garage. Continuing straight ahead through the foyer, you enter into a comfortably large, window-bright space that comprises the living room, dining room and kitchen. Sliding glass doors in the dining area open onto a covered patio that could be screened, if needed. The living room has a vaulted ceiling that gives a feeling of expansiveness to this space. Features in the owners’ suite include a large walk-in closet and a two-section bathroom with a dual vanity.

6th May, 2015
Articles, Blog

Getting a fresh look to your home doesn't have to put a stress to your finances. Here are the 8 tips for you to decorate on a budget so that you can get the room looking absolutely perfect as it captures your unique design tastes.

Decorating on a Budget, Interior Design, Home Decor

1: Reuse and Repurpose Old Items

Often you think that decorating requires adding new furniture and items to the room. Yet you can get an entirely new look reusing the old items you have and just changing the way that they look or giving them a new function in the room. You can turn an old bedroom vanity into a home office desk by removing the mirror and refinishing or painting the surface. Sofas can quickly get a makeover with colorful slipcovers that can tie the different colors and themes in the room together.

2: Paint with Flair

Painting is perhaps one of the easiest do-it-yourself projects that you can tackle on your own and can instantly change the style of a room. You don't have to stick with a solid color over the wall, Use painter's tape to create unique patterns and designs that add depth to the wall. Also, you can easily fix mistakes along the drywall by using painting techniques so people cannot see uneven drywall or drywall screws that weren't covered and sanded properly.

3: Shop Smartly

Decorating on a budget usually means that you can't go to the more expensive interior design stores in your area. Yet that doesn't mean you can have the items that will work perfectly in the room. Instead, focus on shopping at secondhand and consignment shops that have great deals on used items. You can also wait for deals and discounts at the expensive shops. Another way to get items at a steal is to ask to purchase floor models, or look for items being sold as-is because they might have slight damage that won't affect their functionality.

4: Don't Let Flaws Affect Your Design Purchases

Again, never let minor flaws affect the way you view the items you want to purchase. Often, you can take it home and fix the item yourself with a little time and effort. Don't pass by the chance of using the Internet to help you fix minor flaws on the cheap so you have a great item that enhances the feel of your room.

5: Add Architectural Elements

If you are looking to change the physical look of the walls of the room, you can add a bit of dimension to the space. Wainscoting and molding add depth that can instantly change the look without having to tear down walls or affect the wall supports of your home. You can normally tackle this project on your own in about 3 days from start to finish depending on the amount of molding you are adding to the walls.

6: Accessories Can Make a Difference

It is incredible how accessories can often be overlooked in designing a room. You can go as simple as placing a vase filled with colorful fruit or bright ball ornaments to a table to finding vintage small statues at a yard sale that can be used as bookends. Even plants can give you design ideas and color to perk up the mood of a space.

7: Let Fabrics Guide Your Decor

Fabrics can be placed in so many areas of the room and instantly add pizzazz. Cover chairs and sofas with fabric. Create your own curtain panels and pillow cases. You can also hang fabric along the ceiling.

8: Change Up the Flooring

Flooring can get dirty, scratched and stained as it can seriously impact the appearance of the room. You can change the flooring by sanding, painting, staining or adding carpet and tile. You will have to base the changes on your budget, yet you can get great flooring products without breaking the budget.

4th May, 2015
Blog, House Plan of the Week

Ranch House Plan, Home Plan, Featured House Plan of the Week, Grayling 10-207

If your family loves to entertain you will appreciate the spaciousness of the ranch-style house plan, the Grayling. An large, open great room with vaulted ceilings fills the center of the home, and a large portion of the rear as well.

Windows line the back wall, washing the area in light. The bayed nook has even more natural light through skylights located between the eating bar and the fireplace. The fireplace is open on two sides, allowing people to enjoy it from almost anywhere in the great room.

The kitchen, has ample counter space for two or more cooks to combine culinary efforts. Another skylight illuminates the work island, and the range has work space on both sides. While cooking, you can gaze across the eating bar into the great room. Storage is generous the in the corner walk-in pantry.

Utilities and a deep sink, are located in a pass-through space that connects the interior with the two-car garage. The garage has plenty of room for a workbench, and storage space. A powder room, next to the utility room, is convenient to family living spaces as well as the garage. A central full bathroom is close to the secondary bedrooms.

Double doors open into the elegant owners' suite. The bay window could become a cozy window seat, or house a desk or sewing machine. Other features include a larege walk-in closet and a luxurious bathroom with a shower, spa, dual basins and private toilet.


1st May, 2015
Articles, Blog

Focusing on the growing needs of homeowners to have spacious houses with plenty of room for their possessions, residential design services company Associated Designs, Inc. is giving homeowners the ideal bedroom and master bedroom storage solutions to eliminate the clutter. Their customizable floor plans give more permanent solutions for an organized bedroom versus the temporary advice offered by mainstream media that tells people to start cutting back on what they own.

Clutter Free Bedrooms, Home Trends Report

There has been a growing trend in the local and national media to give homeowners storage advice that basically tells them to donate or toss away their things to have a more organized space. While it sounds like commonsense in many instances, we need to avoid coming across as chastising people for buying the items that they want and oftentimes need to create a relaxing lifestyle for themselves. We assume that homeowners have too many possessions and this situation is leading to cluttered bedrooms. The problem may actually be the bedroom itself.

Bedroom sizes can be deceptive for people who are purchasing existing homes. When they are looking at a completely empty room, they think it is spacious enough for their needs as they try to imagine all their items fitting in the space. Yet when they get their main furnishings of a bed, dresser and standing closet in the room, the person sees just how much room is taken up with these large pieces of furniture. Even with just having a few clothes on the floor and knickknacks on the dresser the room looks and feels cluttered.

Yet people who are getting homes built from the ground up are experiencing these same issues. While they have more flexibility with creating large storage options such as built-in cabinets, walk-in closets and shelves, they are still underestimating the amount of room that they need. These people are also purchasing floor plans without knowing that the plans can be modified to offer ways to keep a bedroom more organized.

Associated Designs offers pre-designed and customized home designs for people building their first or second homes. For people who are struggling with bedroom storage woes, these plans are offering them the right amount of spacing for their present and future needs in case their family grows. People can specify the square footage and number of bedrooms then speak with the design staff to get modifications and advice so they have the bedrooms that offer plenty of storage solutions.

The question about how to incorporate more storage to clear out the bedroom clutter should start at the beginning of the design phase, not at the end. Before one board is nailed in place, a person should ask themselves if the house has enough space for the number of people who will be living in the home now and in the future. Then they should decide the types of storage that would work for them.

The design staff at Associated Designs also considers other factors when modifying house plans with organizational solutions. They realize there are more factors involved with just building a walk-in closet or other built-in solutions into the bedroom. They also have to consider the structural stability and mechanical systems that must be run through the home. Most homeowners think that they can just knock down any wall. The person forgets that water pipes, electrical lines and duct work will run through certain walls. Yet with having floor plans customized during the sketching phase, these issues can be addressed early and organizational solutions can be incorporated so the home is functional and beautiful for its occupants.

When it comes to clearing out the clutter, people have to think beyond the temporary solutions. Yes, they can get rid of the things they don't need, donate unused furniture, and place extra clothing into storage containers. Yet placing things into storage containers stowed away into the corners of the room only leads to using up more space as the containers can detract from the décor and theme in the bedroom. Sitting down and truly thinking about how to create a storage solution that works with the bedroom is ideal whether you are getting a custom home built or redesigning an existing home.

Associated Designs believes that by allowing for customizable solutions for bedrooms, people will find an option that works best for their lifestyle to keep a handle on their bedroom clutter. People can have the beautiful master bedroom, children's bedroom or guest room in the decor style they desire without compromising space or functionality. In addition, people can save more money in the end as they won't have to look for additional organization and storage solutions that can put a dent in their wallets. With the storage options already incorporated into the room, people will be able to focus on their lives and not on the clutter.

This advice also applies to people who live in existing homes. Instead of running to the store and buying as many storage containers as the person can find, they should sit down and consider what they can do to change the bedroom design to optimize the room for their needs. They may have to consider a few changes to the existing closets to make them more functional, or renovating their storage solutions. Whatever the person decides, they should look toward creating permanent solutions and avoid the temporary ones that end up complicating their lives further. Skip out on the containers that end up being accessed day to day and instead consider reorganizing the room to be functional with storage solutions that allow for growth throughout the life of the home.

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29th Apr, 2015
Blog, New Home Plans

New House Plan, Country Home Plan, Northglenn 10-594

Skylights and vaulted ceilings expand and brighten the living areas found at the heart of the Northglenn. Outside, Craftsman detailing draws eyes to this intriguing country house plan.

The entry is also vaulted, along with the front bedroom and owners’ suite. A wide window bay expands the living room on the right of the entry, and features a coffered ceiling which adds touch of elegance.

Working in the kitchen, you can look across the eating bar to keep an eye on activities in the family room and the outside deck. Sliding glass doors in the sky-lit nook offers access to the deck. The gas fireplace can be enjoyed from the kitchen as well as the great room.

Owners’ suite features include a large walk-in closet and bathroom with a spa tub, dual vanity, and privately enclosed shower and toilet.

This is a single-level home, except for the bonus room over the garage. Natural light flows in there through front and side windows.

29th Apr, 2015
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When it comes to remodeling a kitchen, bathroom or other space in a home, you may not know where to start. Should you focus on updating old appliances and fixtures, or tackling the flooring in the rooms? Sometimes, the interior of a room will look mismatched because you only focused on one element and then ran out of money to complete the other aspects, mixing the old and new features in a way that make the remodel look unfinished and messy.

Before tackling any size remodeling project, you need to figure out what exactly you want to do with the remodel based on your preferences and budget, and how you can reach this goal while tying all the design themes together so you are satisfied with the end result. Making a big impression in a room doesn't require you to throw tons of money into the project. It just requires you to stay focused on what look you want to achieve. Here are 4 pieces of advice when you are seeking to remodel your space.

Plan it out with all the people who need to be involved

Often a home remodel goes awry because all the people who needed to be involved with the planning out of the space were not present. Include the designer, contractor and those people who will make the decisions to sit down to go over the plans and to make suggestions. You will gain insights in turning the space into the perfect room when all the ideas are on the table. Just keep in mind that you have the final decision on what to change.

It doesn't take much to change the design aspects of a room

While people think they have to get extravagant to change the appearance of a room, the fact is that it might only take a few new elements that can bring the design together. Changing out the knobs, updating fixtures, increasing the lighting or switching out old appliances are all small tasks that can be taken on that can have a big impression to the room.

Always consider space during the remodel

Remember that if you want to increase the space in one room, you will have to take that space from a different room if you are not adding on an addition. So increasing the amount of kitchen space will mean that you will have to take the space away from the dining room or living room, making those spaces smaller. By enlarging a room, it can open up the area and make a big improvement as you can add more design aspects that you may not have considered.

Understand what the function of the room is before remodeling it

Perhaps the best way to make a big impression with the room is to decide what the room will be used for and then sticking with that design. Many rooms can look mismatched because they are multipurpose spaces such as a home office, gym room, and entertainment room combined into one. If you can pick one type of function for the room and then focus the design on that function, you will have a more clean and uniform look. If the room has to have several functions, then make certain areas focus on that particular function instead of having a messy, mixed-up design.

27th Apr, 2015

Prairie Style House Plan, Home Plan, Featured House Plan of the Week, Denver 30-952

The Denver’s footprint is a mere 50 feet wide, and fits neatly on a narrow building lot. That doesn’t mean it feels the least bit cramped. This Prairie-style home plan has nearly 2200 square feet of living space.

A lot of that space is in the comfortably large and open room at the rear, where the living room, dining room and kitchen flow together. Natural light flows in through wide windows in the living and dining rooms, plus a smaller window at the kitchen sink.

A gas fireplace sits into a corner by the rear windows. Across the room, an atrium door opens onto a covered patio that could be screened if desired.

An eating bar rims the cooktop island that provides partial separation between the kitchen and the gathering space. Cooks can serve soups, snacks and other light meals to family and/or friends ranged along the eating bar, while keeping an eye on activities inside and out. A large step-in pantry fills one corner of the kitchen.

Double doors in the foyer open into a room that could be a den or fourth bedroom. Its location just inside the front door is also ideal for a home office.

Bedrooms, utilities, and bathrooms fill the right side. The utility room links with the two-car garage. It provides a comfortable passage to the inside for unloading groceries and other supplies.

A storage closet lines the hallway to the owners’ suite, which features an exceptionally deep walk-in closet, along with a two-section bathroom with a double vanity.

20th Apr, 2015
Blog, House Plan of the Week

Featured House plan of the Week, Cottage Plan, Lincoln 30-203 House Plan, Home Plan

A bold columned covered porch and walkway wrap around the Lincoln, a compact cottage house plan with an extensive and open central living area. Vaulted ceilings add volume, lending a sense of spaciousness throughout, while the plan's footprint allows construction on a fairly small building lot.

Entering the cottage you into an exceptionally bright living area where living room, dining room and kitchen flow together in one large space. Craftsman-style windows line two walls and fill a wide window bay that extends the dining area. More natural light flows down through two skylights.

When days are dreary and nights are long, the central fireplace offers warmth and cheer. Families can enjoy savoring the scent and ritual of burning wood, or the ease and cleanliness of gas-fed flames. The choice is yours.

Storage and counter space are abundant in a kitchen and where one ever feels isolated. Working at the angled island, you can keep an eye on everything. A large walk-in pantry is only steps away, just outside an oversized utility room with counters, cabinets and a deep sink. Another walk-in closet here at the rear offers even more storage.

The owners' suite has a wide bank of windows facing the rear yard. One pocket door closes off the bathroom from the sleeping area. Inside, another leads to the walk-in closet, while a conventional door gives full privacy for the toilet. Twin lavs anchor the corner vanity.

This cottage home is equally well-suited to the needs of young families, singles and empty nesters seeking to downsize. This plan can easily be adapted for wheelchair accessibility.

16th Apr, 2015
Blog, New Home Plans

Contemporary House Plan, Narrow Lot Home Plan, Covina 30-985

If you’re looking for a compact three-bedroom home that fits well on a narrow building lot, check out the contemporary and modern ranch-style Covina. It’s both economical to build and maintain.

The bench just inside the front entry is great location for a row of hooks for coats above as well as a place to sit for removing shoes. On the right is a vaulted great room. Located at the heart of this plan, it gives the home a feeling of spaciousness. Natural light flows into the great room through a bank of windows that line much of one wall. Two glass doors here slide open to access a partially covered patio.

Storage shelves and a home entertainment center flank the gas fireplace. Two additional windows are on the opposite side of the gathering space, along with two skylights. A flush eating bar runs along one side of the kitchen’s work island.

The vaulted owners’ suite is separated from secondary bedrooms. Features include direct patio access, a walk-in closet, and a private bathroom. Utilities are close in a pass-through alcove that links with the two-car garage.

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