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Plan Modifications

Customizing a design is a cost-effective way to create your dream home.

To Start:

     1. Locate the plan using quick search or the advanced search options.

     2. Click the image to bring up the plan profile page.

     3. On the right of the plan profile page, click the "Get a Free Quote" button.

     4. Complete the modification request form with your desired changes, upload a sketch if you have one, and submit.

Once we receive your submission, a designer will review your changes and respond with design suggestions, questions or a revision quote within one business day. If you prefer, you can call us at (800) 634-0123 and discuss your modifications.

The design process is set up to help us complete the plan confident that your changes are completed to your satisfaction. The project starts with a preliminary plan, incorporating your changes into the floor plan(s) and exterior elevations. These will be sent to you for your review. With approval of the preliminary plan, we will complete the construction drawings.

We have been helping people with their design needs for over 25 years. No one knows our designs better than us! We are the best choice to preserve the integrity of the original design, while delivering you a customized set of house plans. Unlike many other design sources that will simply provide you with addendum pages for your modifications, we incorporate your changes throughout each page of the design. Plus our experienced design staff will not only listen to your desires and wishes, they will provide you with helpful feedback to make the design exactly the home you are looking for. Our attention to quality and detail will help ensure the construction process is a smooth one.

"The plans and attention to detail are by far better an I ever anticipated. Merely watching the process unfold is awesome" - Mr. S

If you need assistance creating your list of changes, or would like to discuss the revision process, one of our designers would be happy to assist you. Please Contact Us for more information.

Example Of A Modification

Plan revisions vary dramatically between clients. They can be as simple as moving a wall or redesigning a bathroom to include a tub, or as complex as a custom redesign using the pre-drawn plan as a point of origin. Below is an example of that would be considered moderately complex.

  • The back of the entire home was expanded 2 feet towards the rear.
  • The side wall in the garage was expanded 4 feet to the outside.
  • Walls in bedrooms 2 and 3 were expanded 1 foot towards the entry hall.
  • A bonus room was added above the garage.
  • The family room and master closet had 2 feet added to their width.
  • The fireplace was moved out of the living room and added to the family room.
  • Exterior materials were modified to include stone.
Cambridge Bignhamton
The Cambridge 10-045
The Binghamton 10-259
Cambridge Bighamton

Have a quote from somewhere else to modify one of our plans?

A local building designer, engineer, or architect may be a great choice for helping you with customizing our plan. They are going to be most familiar with your local building practices, codes and land use requirements. Be sure to consult with them regarding which reproducible media choice (printed Reproducible Masters, PDF files, or CAD files) would work best.

Have you found or been directed to a third party modification service? There are many home plan marketing sites offering to modify any of the 40,000 plus plans featured on their site. Plans featured on these sites are a collection of plans from hundreds of designers located throughout the country. Most of these home plan marketing sites understand that the original designer is the best choice for modifying a plan and will direct you to that designer. However some contract with a third party for these services. Be sure to ask!

If you do find that you are working with a third party plan modification service there are a number of questions you should ask.

  • Are the revisions being done by a professional building designer? Many of these companies employ individuals who are only familiar with graphic software and have no experience with building design. While these people may be able to manipulate the drawings, they cannot help with the ensuring that you maintain the integrity of the original home design.
    Our answer: Our designers are all professional building designers with a minimum of 20 years home design experience.

  • Are the modifications being completed in their office? Frequently these companies will outsource the work to a network of draftsman located in remote locations, even using sources outside the United States.
    Our answer: Our designers work in our office located in Eugene, Oregon. The "newbie" celebrated his 20th anniversary with Associated Designs last year.

  • Are the modifications followed through the entire plan set? For example, if you change exterior finish from siding to brick, will the floor plans, foundation plan, building sections and details all be updated to reflect the change or will you simply be receiving a new picture of the home? "Addendum" pages are frequently used as a time saving measure, creating separate pages illustrating your changes. Addendum pages require your contractor to reference between two sets of drawings, making it difficult to follow through with the changes during construction and increasing the opportunity for errors.
    Our answer: While we will occasionally use addendum pages at the request of our client, as a cost saving measure, we encourage that you allow us to incorporate the changes through the entire plan set. All of our designs are created using CAD software and modifications are completed to the actual drawing set. We will not use addendum pages without your permission.

  • Who do you call if you have questions during construction and will they be familiar with your project? If you are unable to speak directly to the designer who created your plan many questions may go unanswered. Or, the person will be attempting to interpret complicated drawings that they are unfamiliar with.
    Our answer: Our building designers are available during regular business hours to answer your questions.

If you do have a quote from another company for your plan revisions, please allow us the opportunity to review the proposal. We are proud of our designs and plan packages and would like to make sure that your home building experience is positive and rewarding.

Should you decide to proceed with having our plans modified by a third party, we do require the purchase of reproducible media. The nature of plan modifications will make it necessary that the plans be reproduced in some fashion (printed copies or electronic copies). We also have a separate media agreement for the person completing the modifications. This agreement assures us that the designer understands what is and is not allowed under our copyright.

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