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Frequently Asked Questions:

How many sets of plans will I need?

That will depend on your builder and how many sets you will need to submit to build a home in your area. You may need a set for yourself, your mortgage lender, building department and several sets for your contractor and subcontractors.

Our 5-Set package is a good value and the minimum number of sets to obtain our license to build the home. If you do not want to worry about running out of copies, you may want to look at purchasing 8-Sets or one of our reproducible plan package options. PDF Masters can be emailed to you, saving time and shipping. Plus you can email the plans to your contractor and subcontractors and if you need prints you can have the plans copied locally. For more information on our plan packages what is included check out our Ordering Information page.

Can I order plans in reverse?

Yes. You can order the Right Reading Reverse for any design. The Right Reading Reverse will provide you with a full reverse of the plan with the text reading correctly.

I bought the 8 set package but my engineer recommended I get the electronic files, can I get a discount towards an upgrade?

We can certainly help you upgrade your plan package! Give us a call or send us an email and make sure to include your order information. Our customer service team will review your upgrade options and the pricing. By phone we can be reached at 800-634-0123 (local: 541-461-2082) or you can email [email protected]

I bought a one set study package of the Awbery, if I buy an additional set can I build the house?

To obtain a license to build one of our homes you must purchase at least 5 sets of plans. You may also purchase reproducible masters, PDF Masters or electronic files. We do offer upgrades on packages. To upgrade from the one set of the Awbery to the five set, it would cost 20% of the original purchase price plus the difference of the package price. So 20% of $600 equals $120 plus $775.00 less the one set price of $600 equals $175 for a total cost of $295.

Do your plans provide complete HVAC, plumbing and electrical information?

The type and layout of these systems are decisions you make with your contractor, so our plans do not show extensive information. Working this out with your contractor also ensures that these systems meet your local building codes and standards.

Will your plans meet my local building codes?

Many states, counties, cities, and subdivisions have their own regulations. Some even require a professional registered in your state to review and approve plans. Our plans are sold throughout the country and comply with national building standards. You may need to take your plans to a local building designer or engineer to bring them up to local codes. Contact your local building department to see what's required to get a building permit.

How is the living area of a plan determined?

Generally, calculations are made from outside the exterior frame walls, and do not include decks, porches, garages, basements, attics, and unfinished bonus rooms. Stairs and vaulted areas are counted only once. Balconies and open walkways in vaulted areas are included in the square footage. You can always call us to find out exactly how a plan's square footage was calculated.

We are interested in the Grandeza home plan. Can the plan be modified to change certain details? For example, can the plan be adjusted for concrete construction (e.g., ICF)?

Yes, we can certainly provide you with modification services. We are the best choice to preserve the integrity of our design, keeping those features which originally attracted you to our home plan while delivering an accurate and complete construction drawing package. See our Plan Modification page for more information.

Can I afford to build this home?

The cost of building a home depends on where you build, the cost of materials in your area, how you finish the home, and whom you hire to build it. Therefore we cannot tell you the cost to build. Your contractor is in the best position to give you an estimate, after a thorough review of the drawings.

With our One Set Study Package, your contractor can provide you with more accurate costs to build your home. The One Set is stamped Not For Construction, however it will provide you and your contractor the opportunity to review everything from the foundation to the roof framing. And if their bid comes back within your budget we offer an upgrade credit towards a 5 Set Package or greater.

Can I get an address where a plan has been built, so I can see the finished home?

Sorry, we are unable to provide the location of where our designs have been constructed. All of our customer's information (including yours) is confidential.

We do however, feature some construction pictures on our Home Plan Blog. To see a sample of our designs constructed check out the Constructed Home Plans category on our blog.

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